About BLI School of Ministry


Biblical Life Institute is a small Bible school that prepares men and women for a lifetime of service in the kingdom of God. Our goal is to help you clearly define what you believe, live what you believe, and give you the tools needed to minister to others. Attending BLI, you will not only learn the Bible and related studies, you will learn how to lead a disciplined Christian life whatever your future life plans.

Admissions at BLI

Preparing for a Life of Calling

Those who come to study at BLI have a deep sense of calling on their life to be ministers, whether they go on to full-time ministry or to the marketplace. Through a distinctly Wesleyan blend of scholarship and holiness, BLI helps students fulfill their calling.

Academics at bli


BLI is committed to providing a strong education that is biblical, transformational, experiential, and missional. Our studies are designed to develop thinking, faithful Christians who are able to effectively perform various Christian ministries or who live as strong witnesses for Jesus Christ while pursuing a secular vocation.


Life at BLI

“BLI more than any other school… is as much about the academics as it is about the community. The student life, the faculty, and the environment in general pulls everyone close together.” Chris, 2017

Financial Aid

Higher Education Debt

The cost and value of higher education in general has been a topic of great concern over the last several years in America. The concerns are even more poignant for those going into full-time ministry

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