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Welcome to the Student Ministries page for Biblical Life Institute! At Biblical Life Institute we aim to build faith in ourselves and others, live out our faith in every area of our life, and to ignite faith in others. With this as our aim, the Student Ministries program will give you the opportunity to study the history of youth and college ministries, study past, present, and potential future methods and trends of youth and college ministry, and students will have the opportunity to get real practical experience through our internship program. The Student Ministries program will prepare you for ministry to youth and young adults through a blend of rigorous scholarship and practical experience.  

If you are considering Student Ministries as a career choice or you are a volunteer hoping to learn more, then Biblical Life Institute might be a great fit for you. Our program is distinct from other programs because we want to bridge the gap between youth and college ministries. Many young people that are invested in church and para-church ministries go off to college and then leave the faith altogether. We believe that youth and college ministers need to come together and help students live faithfully through high school, college, and beyond. The Student Ministries program endeavors to help future youth ministers and college ministers disciple and mentor students who think deeply and live obediently. 

The Student Ministries Program is grounded in history: Our program familiarizes students with the history and development of youth and college ministries. We believe it is important to know where you have been in order to know where you are going. 

The Student Ministries Program is based in Scripture: The Bible is at the center of everything we do at Biblical Life Institute. Our students study theology with a strong emphasis geared toward how orthodoxy (right belief) and orthopraxy (right action) are interconnected. 

The Student Ministries Program is missionally minded: The world that young people live in is complicated and culture is rapidly changing. Our student ministries program prepares you for the constantly shifting world of youth and young adults by teaching our students that student ministries is a mission field. 

Program Objectives:

  • To provide a philosophical, theological, and missional foundation for student ministry

  • To explore the history and methodology of student ministry

  • To provide insight into the current youth culture and the trends and issues that are common for students

  • To prepare students for adaptability in ministry methodology in the face of rapidly changing cultural trends

  • To train students to develop a lifelong commitment to personal spiritual formation

  • To equip students for the work of evangelism, fellowship, discipleship, spiritual formation in others, and leadership development.