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Life of Calling
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Contemplative Spaces

If we ever hope to overcome the busyness and noise that tends to dominate our lives, we must find space in our lives that creates the opposite effect. If noise, hurry, and busyness lead to stress and frustration, then we must intentionally create space that is quiet, restful, and peaceful. That can be difficult because our culture tends to value a busy schedule over a schedule with time dedicated to doing nothing but sitting and contemplating our place in the universe.

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Is God Calling You?

General Call God has a general will for everyone. For example, God desires that people come to faith in Jesus Christ. He desires that we all love our neighbor, do not commit adultery, seek first the Kingdom of God, etc. These things are found in the Bible. In this...

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Can You Get a Job with a Bible College Education?

According to recent Barna research, 70% of Christians believe preparing for a specific job or career is the reason for going to college.1 So, how does a Bible college education help students prepare for a job or career? Ministry Bible colleges, of course, have always...

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The Importance of a Christian College

In an earlier post on Why Go to College, I mentioned that education is transformation. The knowledge you gain and the environment your are in for four years has a tremendous impact on who you are. This is why I believe one of the best college decisions you can make is...

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Why Go to College?

Going to college requires a great deal of sacrifice in time, work, and finances. Is it worth it? I believe a college education is a good investment for anyone who has the aptitude and commitment. Here's why: Career Preparation. This reason for a college degree...

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