According to recent Barna research, 70% of Christians believe preparing for a specific job or career is the reason for going to college.1 So, how does a Bible college education help students prepare for a job or career?


Bible colleges, of course, have always been about training men and women for careers in ministry. If you are looking to be a pastor, missionary, youth worker, or be in a related field, a Bible college is an excellent choice. Even if you need to go on for seminary training, a bachelor’s from a Bible college will provide a good foundation in Bible and theology. Beyond ministry related occupations, Bible colleges often offer majors in such things as education, music, and even business. Christian colleges offer even more majors, though they typically are not as focused on ministry preparation.

Soft Skills

More and more is being written about the importance of soft skills in the business world.2 Hard skills have to do with knowledge specific to a job’s tasks, such as fixing a computer, analyzing financial data, or engineering a bridge. These skills are obviously important. Soft skills, on the other hand, are not about what is done as much as how things are done. They include such things as people skills, character, the ability to communicate, critical thinking, problem solving, and time management. Soft skills are transferable to any job. Bible colleges teach these soft skills.

Sometimes the specific degree is less important

For some occupations, specific technical skills from a college major are needed. Medicine, teaching, and biology research are some examples. There are others, however, that are much less degree specific. For many service industry occupations and management positions, for example, people skills and work ethic are more important. Technical training is provided on the job through company programs.

Can you get a job with a Bible college education? Most certainly! Ministry related occupations are obvious. Bible college degrees in other areas like business are possible as well. Beyond that, the soft skills learned at Bible college are transferable to a variety of occupations and are highly sought by employers.

1Barna Report, What’s Next for Biblical Higher Education, 2017.

2See, for example, this article from the National Association of Colleges and Employers.