General Call

God has a general will for everyone. For example, God desires that people come to faith in Jesus Christ. He desires that we all love our neighbor, do not commit adultery, seek first the Kingdom of God, etc. These things are found in the Bible. In this sense, everyone is “called” to follow God.


Sometimes people will use the term call  to refer to any type of work that they feel God is leading them into. This could be just about anything, such as carpentry, business, or medicine. This idea is more commonly referred to as vocation rather than calling. I hope to return to this idea in a future post.

A Call to Ministry

When someone speaks about being called, however, he or she most often means a calling into some kind of ministry. This might be a traditional ministry role such as pastor, missionary, evangelist, or youth leader. It might be less traditional, such as running a coffee house ministry. Regardless, the idea is that God asks someone (calls him or her) to a specific ministry job. The biblical precedent includes God calling such people as Moses, the prophets, the disciples, and Paul.

So, are you sensing that you are being called by God into some specific ministry? Perhaps you have a clear sense of what that calling is. If so, you now need to answer the call and prepare. Perhaps you think you are being called but you aren’t sure. Or perhaps you don’t know what God is calling you to do. I will be exploring these questions further in the next couple posts.

For now, let me encourage you to focus on the first thing I mentioned -God’s general will or call. Regardless of God’s specific work for you to do, he wants you to follow him in the things you already know to do. It is important that you study the Bible and commit to following it. As Jesus said, “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much” (Luke 16:10).