Life of Calling
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Residence Life

Living together at BLI is part of an experiment in Christian community. While we have certain rules and procedures, our life together is governed primarily by Christian principles that we agree to live by. While the school’s administration is responsible for enforcing some rules, the oversight and discipline of community life is primarily the responsibility of the community itself. As a student, you are part of a community that holds one another accountable and together works through disciplinary issues that affect the community.

Some of the Christian principles we live by are:

  • Love: seeking what is best for the other person and the community.

  • Integrity: doing what is right, regardless of who is watching.

  • Consideration for others: taking others into account in our manner of speech, dress, actions, habits, and manners.

  • Purity: refraining from those things that lead to sin.

  • Honesty: both in academics and our personal lives

  • Respect: acknowledging the value of others, even if we disagree or are in conflict with them.

All students are housed in Shilling Hall, the historic, student-built main building on campus. Each room is uniquely furnished with a bed, dresser, desk, and wardrobe. Rooms measure 9 x 12. Men and women live in separate sections of Shilling Hall.

In addition to the dorm rooms, all students have access to two lounges equipped with a microwave and television. The second floor lounge is equipped with a large table that is convenient for gathering a group of people to play board games. The lower level lounge is equipped with a fireplace, a Ping-Pong table, and a foosball table.