The House System

Preparing for a Life of Calling

Life of Calling
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Upon entering BLI, each student is placed in one of four small groups that will serve as a more intimate family of peers called houses. Houses provide spiritual, emotional, and relational support. They are also a source of school spirit. Each incoming student will be involved in determining the unique character and direction of the house community of which they become a part. The houses are as follows:

House Sapientia

From the Latin for wisdom, discernment, and memory, House Sapientia takes as its focus the pursuit of godly wisdom.

House Haplotes

Haplotes is Greek for simplicity, sincerity, honesty, and openness of heart manifesting itself by generosity. The pursuits fo House haplotes are humility and faithful service in everything that they do.

House Ezekiel

The house of proclamation! Ezekiel 40:3 records God’s words to the prophet declaring that he is the watchman on the wall, warning the people of God’s   judgment. House Ezekiel is interested in the study of apologetics- providing a defense of the faith.

House Emeth

From the Hebrew for firmness, faithfulness, and truth. Study and the pursuit of knowledge are the hallmarks of this house.

Each house has its own unique pursuits and is a place for community development, discipleship, accountability, leadership development, and social activity. The houses also compete throughout the year for the House Cup. The competition consists of various activities that earn houses points.  At the end of the year, the house with the most points wins the house cup for the year.

Each house has a faculty or staff mentor chosen by the house that is part of the house community.  They act as a liaison between the house and the Dean of Students.  The mentor is responsible for pastoral care and works to make sure the house is fulfilling its mission as it lines up with the mission of BLI.