In an earlier post on Why Go to College, I mentioned that education is transformation. The knowledge you gain and the environment your are in for four years has a tremendous impact on who you are. This is why I believe one of the best college decisions you can make is to attend a Christian college.

What a Christian college offers

At a Christian college, you will interact with professors who share your Christian values. They teach from a Christian perspective. At a good Christian school, the academics will be just as challenging as other schools but will support your faith development. At a Christian college, the activities, atmosphere, and friendships will build your faith rather than tear it down. And because most Christian colleges are small in size, they can really focus on being places of deep community that care not only about your academics but your whole person.

What if you can’t attend a Christian school?

In my mind, it is less and less likely that you cannot find a Christian college that does not offer the major that you are interested in. Likewise, Christian colleges offer financial aid packages comparable to other private schools. Bible colleges, like BLI, almost always have lower tuition rates than most other schools. They are often even lower than state schools and community colleges.

Still, for some there are educational, financial, or other reasons why they need to choose a secular college or university. For such students, I believe it is important to quickly become connected to campus ministries while at college. Even better, consider spending a year at a Christian college first to gain a good foundation. You might view this as a gap year experience. A more academic year, such as BLI’s one-year program, can give you a start on your college career elsewhere.